Sandy Soles Classes

Adult Ballet Technique

These technique based sessions focus on step development, accuracy, strengthening and toning. We enjoy a mixture of barre work, floor barre, resistance band exercises, wobble boards, and centre work to help us improve our overall technique and approach. We are able to accommodate a mixture of ability levels in this class, with more complex or more simplified options available as required. Beginners are welcome.

Adult (Re)Introductory Ballet

These friendly and informal sessions are most suited to those who used to dance, but perhaps haven’t danced for a while! The class consists of exercises, enchainements, and short dance pieces each week, which build up into a choreographed piece at the end of each half term. Improvers are welcome, although please note that these classes do move at a reasonable pace.

Children’s Classes

Our classes are designed to offer young children development with basic movement, co-ordination skills and musicality whilst having some fun.

Please note that our Children's classes are temporarily suspended - please check this page regularly for updates

Ballet: This naturally takes a soft approach with traditionally structured elements, as well as learning to control movement through character and mime development.

Freestyle: These sessions are more upbeat, encouraging larger/stronger movements to aid confidence, co-ordination, balance and flexibility.

Tap: Our Introductory Tap class is available to pupils already attending at least one other class with us. This class further aids rhythmical skills and offers greater attention to detail when executing movements.

Parents are encouraged to stay on site during our classes. Please note that parents/relatives/friends are not permitted in the hall during our lessons, as this can be very distracting for children. We do offer a ‘sharing’ week on a termly basis to allow an opportunity for you to enjoy watching your child’s progress. 

All of our classes are based upon the IDTA syllabus. 

Uniform Requirements

Adults: Please ensure that you wear comfortable clothing that you are able to move freely in e.g. leggings and a t-shirt. Banded jogging bottoms are acceptable, although please note that large/baggy jogging bottoms are not. Ballet shoes should be worn at all times, unless you are asked to remove them as part of your class exercises.  The only suitable alternative to wearing ballet shoes is bare feet – socks alone are not safe to dance in. Hair should be tied back neatly please, and minimal jewellery worn.

Children: Our pink uniforms are required for all Children’s classes; these are available at Dancers Boutique in Amersham:  Pink ballet shoes should be worn for Ballet and Freestyle classes, and white tap shoes for Tap classes. Where possible, please ensure leather shoes are purchased, as they are generally longer-wearing than some of the alternative options that are available. Hair should be tied back neatly, preferably in a bun where the child’s hair is long enough. Hair accessories are also available from Dancers Boutique.

Fees and Class Places

Adults: Our Adult classes are available in half term blocks at an equivalent rate of £6.50 per class. A six week block is therefore £39. Fees are payable by no later than the first class of each half term period. Please note that where a class is running at maximum capacity, a small deposit will be requested to secure your place in advance. This will be deducted from the remaining fees owed. Where places are available, trial classes are offered at the start of each new half term, at a cost of £6.50 with no obligation to attend the remaining half term period. Should you wish to continue with classes following a successful trial, payment for the rest of the half term will be due immediately.

Children: Our Children’s classes are available in either half term or full term blocks, offering parents flexibility in their commitment and payments. Payments are due in full by no later than the first class of each half term (or term if paying termly).

1 x 30 minute class per week - £3.50
2 x 30 minute classes per week - £4.50
1 x 15 minute tap class per week (only available if taking at least one other class)-£2
3 x classes per week (maximum possible, which includes Ballet, Freestyle and Tap) - £5
The half-termly / termly costs are determined by the number of weeks in that period, details of which are published in our on-going Newsletters.

A discount is offered to any parent who wishes to commit to a full term’s fees during the first class of that new term. Providing payment is received on time, one week’s fees will be deducted from the total amount payable. This is subject to payment being made either on or before the first class of the new term, otherwise full charges will apply.

Where places are available, your child is welcome to enjoy a trial class at the equivalent weekly rate, with no obligation to commit to the remainder of the half term period. Should your child wish to continue with classes following a successful trial, fees for the remaining period will be due immediately. 

Please note that we do not offer Pay As You Go Options on any of our classes – this includes both Adults and Children.